Odour Buster™ Original

Odour Buster™ Original is a premium, clumping cat litter made from responsibly mined, superior-quality clay and  eight exclusive odour and bacteria eliminating ingredients.  It was developed from a formula originally created to control odours  in the toughest agricultural settings: pig and chicken farms.  If the Odour Buster™ recipe can eliminate odours in chicken coops and pig pens, imagine what it can do for your cat’s litter box!


Odour Buster™ Original is available in 6Kg and 14Kg bags as well as a 9.1Kg pail.


Odour Buster™ Original is made from premium-quality clay and eight natural odour and bacterial eliminating ingredients. Our litter is safe for your cat, family, and the environment.

Why choose Odour Buster™ Original?

Odour Buster™ Original is proudly made in Canada using premium quality ingredients that are safe for your cat, family and the environment. Our manufacturing process is carefully controlled to ensure that our litter is completely dedusted and coated with the Odour Buster™ recipe for the safety of your cat and the comfort of your entire household.

Featured in Modern Cat Magazine’s best cat litters of 2021!

  • 99.9% Dust free 99.9% Dust free
  • Foul-odour free Foul-odour free
  • Daily-maintenance free Daily-maintenance free
  • Perfume and chemical free Perfume and chemical free
  • Natural Natural
99.9% Dust free

99.9% Dust free

Odour Buster™ Original is completely dedusted for your cat’s safety and the comfort of your entire household. This is accomplished by constantly controlling the litter’s humidity levels during production and passing it through several dedusting stations prior to packaging.

Foul-odour free

Foul-odour free

The Odour Buster™ recipe, made from eight exclusive odour and bacteria eliminating ingredients, was originally created to control odours in the toughest agricultural settings. If Odour Buster™ can eliminate odours in pig pens and chicken coops, imagine how well it can work for cat litter!

Daily-maintenance free

Daily-maintenance free

With Odour Buster™ Original your cat’s litter will remain odour free even if you don’t scoop every day.

Perfume and chemical free

Perfume and chemical free

Odour Buster™ Original eliminates odours without the need for any added chemicals or perfumes.



Odour Buster™ Original is made from premium-grade, natural ingredients only and is safe for your cat, family, and the environment.

"With more and more people having cats as complete indoor pets it's great to have a litter that keeps everyone as well as our pets happy. Thank you"

Kathy S. I Edson, AB

"Odour Buster is the best litter I've used. I have two cats in a small apartment and it never smells and we can leave it for the week and it still holds the odour and easy to clean."

Nikki F. I Cochrane, AB

"I love Odour Buster! The litter box is in my bedroom and it works wonders!"

Lucille F. I Calgary, AB

"Odour Buster is the only cat litter that I use in my home and I highly recommend it to friends and family and customers."

Sam L. I Sudbury, ON

"I love Odour Buster, use it for my cats and recommend it all the time!"

Keith B. I Bracebridge, ON

"I have two cats and use this product, it is the greatest."

Natalie Y. I Princeton, BC

"I personally adore your product! My customers rave about it, my cats haven't had a better litter in their lives, and I don't have to deal with nasty odours on a daily basis."

Tim H. I Cranbrook, BC

"I use this for my cat for several years now and find it does exactly as it claims. There is no smell lingering in the house. "

Dawn M. I Sault Ste. Marie, ON

"I have tried every cat litter in our store and this is by far my favourite. It is minimal tracking compared to others, no dust and amazing at odour control. "

Jaclyn S. I Lively, ON